In our six year old firm we have consulting practitioners who have line and senior management operations experience at major retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Along with our first-hand industry experience, we bring you innovative thinking with analytical tools, business & technology requirements templates, “should-cost” models, process designs, and role competency models.

About SCGBuilding World Class Supply Chains


We differ from many “traditional” consultancies, as we often support clients by becoming an extension of their existing team. Together we identify the unique actions that separate you from your competition, best practices you have in-place, and areas that should be improved to meet and exceed industry practices.To define your SC Strategy, “opportunities” are defined, analyzed and refined; tested against ROI hurdles; and prioritized based on business value. Your Strategy is based on practical improvements, realistic budgets, key business timing, and estimated project durations.

Our goal is to work with you to define and then deliver results, including: new processes, physical DC and Transportation changes, technology Applications and MHE Automation, tactical Outsourcing, and Trained Staff who Champion the Change.