It may now be time to gain some or all of the announced supply chain synergies by integrating your companies. In the supply chain these projects can be highly cross functional and interdependent. Many times they require “heavy lifting” typically understated in the initial deal.

We can help. 

Merger & Acquisition SupportIs your last meal giving you a bellyache?


SCG can work with you to:

  • Provide an accurate assessment of the acquisition’s actual capabilities, capacities, strengths, weaknesses, and needed investments.
  • Establish a fact base, business case, and detailed roadmaps by track (what needs to be implemented, when, and how) based on agreed upon, attainable synergies.
  • Define both transitional and ‘To-Be’ Operating Models
  • Support, track, and project manage across all integration activities
  • Support you in key activities such as new process and application implementation, master data clean-up, and functional cutovers.

Our experience includes having worked for “serial acquirers” as well as providing consulting support to some of the most significant supply chain mergers. We bring templates, cost/benefit models, proven method, and years of experience to your team.