For years supply chain improvements have elevated service and reduced costs including WMS, OMS, and TMS technology; cross docking; “fast fashion” manufacturing; advanced shipment notices (ASN’s); material handling automation; and now RFID. Now consumer purchasing has changed globally to include internet price comparison and review of store trip and/or home/business delivery options. Competing now ‘mandates’ reducing delivery time & costs; rethinking inventory placement; while adding flexibility to change again & again. It may be time to rewrite your roadmap.

Supply Chain StrategyDo you know your next move?


SCG works with you to:

  • Assess current and future marketplace direction, cost structures, and supply chain effectiveness
  • Tailor “should cost”, geographic, and best practice models along with creating new analyses to develop fact based solutions
  • Identify, quantify & prioritze your strategic imperatives and project initiatives for the near and longer term future that best meet business case value
  • Determine the supply chain project roadmap, that best delivers value to your business

Your plan is a ‘well-documented’ & ‘team supported’ fact based vision with a business case that has actionable initiatives with owners, KPI’s and measurable paybacks. This plan can be used for gaining Senior Management approvals, budgeting, and as a kickoff for implementing corporate initiatives.