Today’s competitive environment demands that you seek flexible, scalable , low risk, cost and service advantages in the supply chain. Outsourcing simply makes sense if what your operation ‘does, would and should cost’ for a major function is higher than ‘outsourced cost’.

This is based on net landed costs, that include considerations for asset utilization, capital required, time to market, competencies desired, and risk factors.

Conversely this equation may indicate it is time to bring operations in house or re-shore.

#PL Outsourcing


SCG can work with you to:

  • Determine the gap between your operations “Should Cost” and “Current Cost” and cost of bridging the gap.
  • Determine your needs and requirements including geographic models to identify what processes and functions make sense to outsource
  • Bid, select and contract with outsourced partners based on requirements of your business.
  • Implement the outsourcing operational processes and technology

Reducing costs and increasing capabilities can be accomplished relatively quickly through outsourcing. However there are pitfalls and services risks that should be considered and mitigated. We bring outsourcing models, templates, and years of ‘practical’ experience to your team.