Most retailers and many manufacturers have concluded that an omni-channel shopping experience is required for success with both business customers and consumers of their products. In the past year Amazon and Ebay have upped their service offerings to next and same day deliveries in certain markets. We have worked both with top 25 internet brands as well as with Amazon Marketplace “outsourced” retailers to implement seamless, competitive supply chains.

E-commerceHave you kept up with the changes?


SCG can work with you to:

  • Define a rational and competitive supply chain strategy and implementation roadmap
    • How to accomplish rapid delivery
    • Inventory positioning and allocation
    • Order / Delivery windows
  • Implement the new operational processes and technology required
    • Outsource partner selection
    • Insource DC’s and fulfillment automation
    • Pick and Replenishment process and methods
    • Ordering and pick windows
    • Mode selection and Parcel entry
    • Stem and peddle delivery

The “new” consumer is creating supply chain ramifications across bricks and mortar and internet fulfillment. We can help you navigate and deliver cost effectively.