Changes, many times subtle ones, may be causing inefficiencies in your logistics network. Growth, changing and relocating suppliers, changes in customers and service requirements, changing competitors, even changes in other companies networks can create inefficiencies. We use proprietary models, I-log and other commercially available tools, and proven methods to identify a more efficient / effective Supply Chain network.

Network Study 

SCG works with you to:

  • Collect and synthesize your data and business requirements, making comparisons to industry & competitor information
  • Develop and Run scenario analyses
  • Define the ‘Optimal’ number, location, type, and functions of DC’s and transportation modes
  • Determine the transportation budget, DC size and staffing, & inventory levels for each location

A ‘rationalized’ network can reduce costs and increase service levels. If required, the network should meet second day, next day, or even same day customer demands. Typically when implemented – redesigned networks reduce transportation costs from 3 to 18% and have resulted in lower inventories via increased turns.