‘Twas the Quarter Before Xmas

Adapted by Jeff Kazanow and Jonathan Kates of the SupplyChainGroup

‘Twas the quarter before Christmas, when all through the land,
Supply chain managers were racing to meet holiday demand
The merchants were expecting sales galore
With projections of online and store orders growing 25% more
And the customers expected, “two days to their door”

The vendors were happy with orders in hand
And everyone hoping to make this Christmas more grand
With Logistics and Scheduling for the season prepared
DC’s had made room and their staff wasn’t scared
When then in the control center, trouble should appear
Multiple Inbound and Outbound delays; Oh dear

The team sprang into action to find the cause
After checking their planning, it made them to pause
They checked on the weather, the supply, and the ships
They looked for dock strikes, production delays and trips
They checked out congestion, the rails and slow steaming
But with all their research, they still were not dreaming

Then across the Street to the warehouse they peered
The Local team and SupplyChainGroup consultants had made the path clear
Faster than Blitzen they got down to work
They analyzed all the processes, and on the trivial didn’t lurk
They set-up and tested new processes quickly
That handled the exceptions, oh so swiftly

The merchandise now flowed like Santa’s sleigh on the Ice
It appeared that this Christmas would be ever so nice
Lean business process brought the season back from the edge
The SupplyChainGroup had transferred their knowledge as pledged
With Christmas saved, the job was well done
It was time to relax and to have some good fun
But we heard the CEO exclaim, ere they drove out of sight
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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Based on : A Visit from St. Nicholas; BY CLEMENT CLARKE MOORE

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